5th March '21 | Blog

That new car smell and other things

This week we bought our first brand new family car – an all electric model.

We’d had an electric car before and this was something we were keen to replicate again, the savings we were making both financially and environmentally meant it was a no-brainer for us as a family, plus I love the ability I have to creep up on people unannounced!

Why am I telling you this, well it isn’t a case of me showing off that I’d just bought new car (why would I, it’ll probably sit on the drive for the next few months anyway), nor was it a pitch for you to buy an electric car (although I do recommend it if you were looking to purchase).

It was all about that ‘new car’ smell!


When I first opened the door and sat inside, all I could smell was that ‘new car’ smell – a smell I have tried many times to replicate with various air fresheners and sprays – to no avail. It reminded me of being 21 and buying my first car, again a brand new one – a Citreon Saxo in poseidon blue.

My parents on the other hand would have preferred me to have spent my hard earned money on an older car, one which could take a knock or two, what with being a new driver and all – oh how I wish I’d listened!

The smell however, whisked me straight back to my younger carefree days.

I started to wonder what other smells I had buried in my thought bank, what other smells could I again look forward to following lockdown lifting…

The smell of fresh coffee from a coffee shop whilst I tap away on my computer again – in my own little world. The smell of Spring and the grass being cut, the smell of the hustle and bustle of Manchester as I weave in and out of traffic on foot or the smell of piping hot pub food being delivered to my table – Oh how I’ve dreamt or this over the last 12 months – surely everyone’s missed the smell of pub chips, haven’t they?

Whatever the smell or the memory associated with it, I left my new car with a smile on my face and an excitement of what’s to come.

The last 12 months have been tough for many, but being able to look forward and be excited for new beginnings which are now in sight, is really what’s exciting me.